We're more than just an online course provider

Our subscriptions include onsite live training, web-based lunch-and-learns, and one-on-one remote tutoring. With Wisdify, your employees get a comprehensive, personal development approach.

Because not every person learns the same way

We offer these interactive and personal services to boost learning and complement our online platform

Onsite live trainings

Lunch-and-learn webinars

One-on-one tutoring

As employees go through our online courses, questions will come up. That is why we set up our tutoring program. Your employees can get remote help with any course from our highly vetted tutors.

Onsite live trainings are a great way to get that face-to-face interaction with an instructor and to tailor learning to your peoples' needs. Trainings are typically 4-6 hours long.

Our 30-60 minute web-based, interactive lunch-and-learns cover topics from one of our courses, latest trends, or anything your people want to learn about!

What makes our live trainings so awesome?


Hands-on &  Interactive



We come to your office so there's no need to send your employees off-site.

We don't believe in just talking at our students. Students will work alongside instructors as they go through the materials.

No one wants to sit through a boring course. We promise your people will be engaged and smiling the entire time.

You can either choose from one of our online courses, modify one of our courses or even work with us to create your own course!

Many companies have trusted us to train their people

Lunch-and-learns to keep employees continuously learning


All lunch-and-learns are web-based so every employee can benefit from the learning, no matter where they are.


Our webinars are specific to your company and its needs. Topics can cover anything you feel would be most beneficial to your team.


As with everything we do, our webinars are interactive as well. Employees can ask questions during the webinar and interact with the instructor.

One-on-one remote tutoring

Your employees can get expert one-on-one help on any course at any time, day or night. All tutoring is done remote with one of our highly vetted and qualified tutors.

Partner with Wisdify. Gain new skills. Dominate the world.

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