Financial Modeling & Forecasting

In our financial statement modeling course, you’ll learn how to properly build-out a 3 statement financial model from the ground up and project your financials 5 years out. If you are in finance or accounting, you need this course.

Course objectives

A knowledge of financial modeling is essential everyone in business. In this course, you’ll learn key principles to create an effective financial model and learn to build-out a fully dynamic model.

We’ll top off the course by building a full 3 statement financial model from the ground up. The model will be fully dynamic and include 5 years of projections. Finally, we’ll teach you how to sensitize your model to test your key assumptions and how to properly present your model.

At completion, you’ll build a fully dynamic 3 statement financial model complete with 5 years of projections.

Some key things you’ll learn:

  • Financial modeling best practices
  • How to properly set up a financial model to be dynamic
  • Build a 3 statement financial model
  • Project out the financials
  • Sensitize your model based on key assumptions


We highly recommend taking our Financial Statement Analysis Bootcamp which teaches you how to analyze the financial statements.

Additional Info

Format: 3-6 minute videos, quizzes, and a final exam

CPEs: 5.0

Field of study: Finance

Prerequisites: You should have an intermediate knowledge of Excel (e.g. IF statements, VLOOKUP, COUNTIFS, etc.). If you are not comfortable with Excel, we recommend taking our Microsoft Excel Bootcamp.