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Meet today's new accountant

A consultant

Anyone can be a numbers cruncher. You’ll set yourself apart by being able to provide strategic direction and informed advice.

An analyst

Your clients have mounds of buried data gold. Knowing how to extract, analyze, and interpret this data will make you invaluable.

A networker

No longer can accountants hide behind spreadsheets. You must learn to communicate with your clients and develop strong relationships.

Utilizing Wisdify's engaging and fun online CPE courses, you'll gain today's most in-demand hard and soft skills and set yourself at the top of your field

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You take our engaging online courses, gain today's in-demand skills, and earn CPEs along the way. Awesome skills + CPEs + lots of fun = Perfection.


You utilize our free resources to get advice on everything from interview help to navigating your career.


Congrats, you're now super employable and promotable! Your mom would be so proud.


You now go forth and conquer your job, life and the world.

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Get certified

All our courses can qualify for CPE credit. At the end of each course, you have the option to take a rigorous certification exam. This is a great way to show employers you have the skills to pay the bills.

Stand out from the crowd

In 2014, Career Builder found that "61% of employers reported hiring under-qualified candidates." Taking our courses and becoming qualified will put you way ahead of the game!

Quickly get the skills

Who has 6-10 weeks to learn a skill? All of our courses are less than 6 hours long, leave out all the "fluff", and only teach the most important skills. Most importantly, we make sure our courses are fun and engaging.

Save some moolah

Although we consider our courses priceless, we don't price them that way. We know what it's like to have loads of student debt so we keep our courses affordable to everyone.

Have some fun along the way

Learning + boring = No bueno. We make sure all of our courses are light-hearted, fun, and engaging, while at the same time being extremely relevant.

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The course was interactive and just the right pace, and the instructor made the material fun and engaging. I liked that I could continuously practice at each stage.

— Sarah H.

Unlike other online courses I've taken, I felt I actually learned the material. The course was very engaging and interactive. The instructor gave great explanations with detailed step-by-step directions.

— Ryan P.

The course was the farthest thing from dull! The course kept me engaged for the entire time and was very relevant to my industry. Job well done!

— Brittany M.

Great course!!! It was a fresh new way to learn this tool. The course was very enjoyable, easy to follow, and informative. Thank you!

— Matt C.