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Microsoft Excel Bootcamp

Not your grandma's Excel course. This course will teach you all the Excel skills you'll ever need including IF statements, VLOOKUP, PivotTables, and more.
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Advanced Microsoft Excel

Take your Excel skills to a whole new level! This advanced Excel course will teach you the skills you'll need to be an Excel ninja including nested IF statements, INDEX/MATCH, MIN/MAX, macros, and more!
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Data Analytics

Data analytics, so hot right now. Learn to apply your statistical tools to slice, dice, and analyze your data like never before.
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Dashboards & Power BI

Being able to visually present your analysis is key! Learn to make dynamic dashboards and use Power BI to gain deeper insights into your data.
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SQL for Data Analytics

SQL is the language of databases. To be an analytics master, you need to know how to actually GET your data! This intro SQL course teaches you everything you need to get started.
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Stats for Data Analytics

This is NOT another boring stats course! We'll give you the statistical tools to be successful in analytics without boring you with complex formulas and theory.
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Marketing Analytics

Understanding marketing analytics is key to analyzing the success of a company. This course teaches you to analyze, model, and present your marketing data.
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Financial Statement Analysis

Accounting isn't for boring nerds anymore. Learn about the financial statements and how to make them tell you a story.
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Financial Modeling

Regardless of your field, you should know how to build a proper financial model, which is exactly what you'll learn in this course.
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Business & Project Valuation

Learn to value any company or project using a discounted cash flow (DCF) analysis. You'll also learn other essential valuation and evaluation techniques.
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Real Estate Financial Modeling

Learn the ins and outs of analyzing a real estate investment and then learn to model a value-add real estate transaction.
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Microsoft Excel VBA Macros

Take your Excel skills to the ultimate black belt level. You'll learn how to automate processes and save hours of tedious work.
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Grammar Bootcamp

Make your writing more professional and powerful by mastering the basic grammar pitfalls and avoiding these in your writing.
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PowerPoint Bootcamp

Learn how to make a killer PowerPoint presentation that is sure to have an impact on your audience.
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Effective Business Writing

Learn the principles that will help you become a more efficient, powerful writer.
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Budgeting Bootcamp - Annual Operating Plan

The Budget or Annual Operating Plan is one of the most critical functions for a business. Learn how to set-up, plan, and execute a world-class budgeting process!
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Python Bootcamp for Accounting and Finance

Harness the power of Python! Take your data analytics to a new level with this powerful programming language – learn to analyze & manipulate data and start to automate tasks! Image for course.
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