Python Bootcamp for Accounting and Finance

Our Python Bootcamp is geared toward Accounting and Finance professionals.  This course will introduce you to the basics of Python where you will learn how to apply some of its powerful data manipulation, analysis, and automation capabilities.  This course has everything you need to get started!

Course Objectives

Python is one of the fastest growing tools in accounting and finance.  In this course You’ll first learn the very introductory basics like what is python, how do you install it on your computer and how Python works with data analysis and manipulation tools.  At completion you will know how you can use Python to import/export data, automate tasks, and do different types of analysis. 

Some key things you’ll learn:

  • Create variables/objects and manipulate them
  • Use functions, loop, and if-else statements
  • Import, export, summarize, and modify data
  • Automate processing of Excel files
  • Create a variety of plots/graphs
  • Create and use fast data formats
  • Run a linear regression using and make predictions from it
  • We also provide you with a 13-page pdf Python Bootcamp Guide

* We recommend you take “Intro to Data Analytics” and “Stats for Data Analytics” in conjunction with this course

Additional Info

Format: 3-5 minute videos, quizzes, and a final exam

CPEs: 6.0

Field of Study: Computer Software & Applications

Prerequisites: You should have an intermediate knowledge of statistics (e.g. tabular data, summary statistics, data summaries, regressions, etc.) If you aren’t comfortable with data and statistics we recommend first taking “Intro to Data Analytics” and/or “Stats for Data Analytics” courses

Level: Intermediate