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Our History

Driven by their shared love of Microsoft Excel and passion for teaching and empowering, the intelligent and beautiful Maryn smartly suggested that her and Nate start an onsite Excel training company so they could help others become Excel wizards. Their first company, BostonExcel, was born.

2012 -

2014 -

BostonExcel quickly grew to 6 dozen clients, including major brands like Puma and Harvard. Despite its success, the business felt unfulfilling to them. Their passion – to empower and change the lives of young professionals – was not being 100% fulfilled. There were many skills young professionals needed in order to grow and advance in their careers. They also wanted to help as many young professionals as possible in a range of ways. A new company was needed.

After months of romantic late-nights sitting side-by-side on their computers, Wisdify was born. Maryn and Nate decided upfront that they’d only have one measure of success: how many lives Wisdify changed. Wisdify launched with 10 courses (all created by Nate and Maryn) and expanded to 14 with 3 more in development. These additional courses were created by people hand-picked by Nate and Maryn.

2014 -


The company will continue to grow and expand its offerings. In addition to more courses, the company will be launching a peer-to-peer tutoring service, peer-to-peer mentoring, and other initiatives to help young professionals advance in their careers.

Our Mission and Passion

The only thing we love more than sushi is empowering people. Our mission is simple. We want to empower young professionals with the skills and knowledge to succeed professionally. We are not being taught the real-world hard and soft skills we need to lead and progress. We’re here to fill that gap.


The way we accomplish our mission is by equipping you with extremely relevant and in-demand skills through our engaging online bootcamps so you can become more employable and promotable.

We also provide you with tons of free resources to help you navigate your career, become a better leader, master any interview, conquer life, and generally become an amazing person.

How do we measure success?

We have ONE measure of success: Did we have a positive impact on your career. If we didn’t, that means we need to change our courses/materials so you walk away better prepared to dominate life.